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E.E Galvanised & Black Malleable Fittings Range

E.E Certification & Video

Equal Hexagon Nipple Galv

Equal Hexagon Nipple Black

Barrel Nipple Galv

Barrel Nipple Black

Reducing Hexagon Nipple Galv

Reducing Hexagon Nipple Black

Equal M/F Union Galv

Equal M/F Union Black

Reducer F/M Galv

Reducer F/M Black

Reducing Bush Galv

Reducing Bush Black

Equal Socket Galv

Equal Socket Black

Concentric Reducing Socket Galv

Concentric Reducing Socket Black

Weldable Socket Galv

Weldable Socket Black

Equal Union Galv

Equal Union Black

Navy Union Galv

Navy Union Black

Beaded Hollow Plug Galv

Beaded Hollow Plug Black

Countersunk Plugs Galv

Countersunk Plugs Black

Hexagonal Cap Galv

Hexagonal Cap Black

Lock Nut/Back Nut Galv

Lock Nut/Back Nut Black

Equal M/F Elbow Galv

Equal M/F Elbow Black

Equal M/F Union Elbow Galv

Equal M/F Union Elbow Black

Equal Elbow F/F Galv

Equal Elbow F/F Black

Equal Elbow M/M Galv

Equal Elbow M/M Black

45 Degree Equal Elbow F/F Galv

45 Degree Equal Elbow F/F Black

Unequal Elbow Galv

Unequal Elbow Black

Un-Equal Street Elbow Galv

Un-Equal Street Elbow Black

Corner Elbow Galv

Corner Elbow Black

Bracket Elbow Galv

Bracket Elbow Black

Equal Union Elbow Galv

Equal Union Elbow Black

Bend M/M 90° Galv

Bend M/M 90° Black

Bend M/F 90° Galv

Bend M/F 90° Black

Bend F/F 90° Galv

Bend F/F 90° Black

Short Bend M/F Galv

Short Bend M/F Black

Short Bend F/F 90 Degree Galv

Short Bend F/F 90 Degree Black

Bend M/F 45° Galv

Bend M/F 45° Black

Bend F/F 45° Galv

Bend F/F 45° Black

Return F/F Bend/U-Bend Galv

Return F/F Bend/U-Bend Black

Equal Tee Galv

Equal Tee Black

Unequal Tee Galv

Unequal Tee Black

Tee Equal Male Galv

Tee Equal Male Black

Tee Increasing on Branch Galv

Tee Increasing on Branch Black

Tee Reducing on Run Galv

Tee Reducing on Run Black

Tee Reducing on Run and Branch Galv

Tee Reducing on Run and Branch Black

Twin Elbow Galv

Twin Elbow Black

Pitcher Tee Galv

Pitcher Tee Black

Tee 45 Degree Equal Galv

Tee 45 Degree Equal Black

Equal Y Piece Galv

Equal Y Piece Black

Equal Cross Galv

Equal Cross Black

Un-Equal Cross Galv

Un-Equal Cross Black

Crossover Galv

Crossover Black

Screwed Flange 2 Bolt Holes Galv

Screwed Flange 2 Bolt Holes Black

Plain Flange Galv

Plain Flange Black

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